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What is yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a serious disease spread by an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito. It is found in parts of Africa, South America, Central America and Trinidad in the Caribbean. The mosquito is more likely to bite during daylight. It doesn’t spread from close contact with someone that has the disease.

Key symptoms of yellow fever

Symptoms start to develop after 3 to 6 days of being bitten by an infected mosquito. The symptoms include:
Up to a quarter of the cases develop more serious symptoms, such as:
If you are travelling in a region where yellow fever infection is found and you get the symptoms, seek medical help urgently. If you return from such a region and have symptoms, contact your GP or call 111 for help.

Yellow Fever Vaccination in Muswell Hill

Symptoms start to develop after 3 to 6 days of being bitten by an infected mosquito. The symptoms include:
You will need to have the vaccination at least 10 days before travelling to give it enough time for it to start working. For further details and up to date information on the yellow fever vaccine, visit the NHS website, click here.

Yellow Fever vaccine certificate in Muswell Hill

If you need the cholera vaccine for travel, you can book an appointment online with our travel vaccination clinic in Muswell Hill.
We provide a comprehensive range of travel vaccinations and antimalarials. It is recommended that you book your appointment 6-8 weeks prior to your travel to ensure that you can get the recommended vaccinations on time.

How to book a yellow fever vaccination appointment in Muswell Hill?

If you require a yellow fever vaccine and certificate, simply book an appointment with Muswell Hill Travel Clinic online. Attend your appointment where one of our travel experts will have a short consultation with you to determine the suitability of the vaccine for you and offer you the vaccine.

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