Occupational Health Vaccines

Occupational Health Vaccines in Muswell Hill

If your work or occupation puts you at a greater risk of contracting certain injections or diseases, getting occupational health vaccines can reduce your risk and also stop the infections from spreading to others. We offer private occupational health vaccination services at Dukes Pharmacy in Muswell Hill. The most widely used occupational health vaccines include:

If you are an individual or a corporate body, this service is suitable for anyone that requires occupational health vaccines. Book your appointment online.

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Purpose of occupational health vaccines

In certain sectors, employees are in close proximity to others and possibly infectious substances. This raises the danger of exposure to infectious diseases, which can spread rapidly in the workplace. By acquiring vaccinations for occupational health, workers can lower their chance of contracting and transmitting these diseases. This contributes to the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace, as well as the protection of public health as a whole. Some jobs require candidates to get occupational health vaccines before they start.

Protect your workforce

Depending on the industry you operate in, getting the recommended vaccines to protect against occupation-related hazards is really important. It is common for workers in sectors such as healthcare, construction, cleaning and skincare/beauty, to get occupational health vaccines. If you are an employer, protect your staff with the recommended occupational health vaccines.

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If you are looking to get private vaccines for occupational health or any other purposes, book an appointment with one of our travel health pharmacists. During the consultation, your vaccination needs will be assessed and appropriate advice and recommendations will be made. In most cases, you will be offered the vaccines at the same appointment. Book your appointment online today.