Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (DTP) Vaccine

Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (DTP) Vaccine in Muswell Hill

We offer the Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (DTP) vaccine in Muswell Hill at Dukes Pharmacy. You can simply make a booking online and attend the clinic to get the vaccine.
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Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (DTP) Vaccine in Muswell Hill

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Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (DTP) vaccine

The vaccine for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Polio is a combination vaccine. Immunity does diminish with time. Consequently, booster doses of the vaccines may be required with time. In the United Kingdom, separate vaccinations against the diseases are unavailable.

What is diphtheria?

Diphtheria is caused by Corynebacterium bacteria, which produce a toxin (poison). It is the poison that can cause illness in humans.
When an infected person sneezes or coughs, respiratory droplets carry the bacteria from person to person. The disease can also be transmitted by touching a surface contaminated with infected respiratory secretions or by touching infected skin lesions (sores or ulcers), clothing, or bed linens.
It is rare in the UK. In regions of Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central and South East Asia where vaccination rates are poor, the illness remains a major concern.

What is Tetanus?

Tetanus is a dangerous disease caused by soil-based bacteria that enters the body through a cut or wound.
The bacterium can enter the body via:
Tetanus is found worldwide. Bacteria can survive outside the body for an extended period of time and are usually found in soil, animal excrement such as that of cows and horses, and on the surfaces of rusty objects such as nails, needles, and barbed wire.

What is Polio?

The poliovirus causes the infectious disease polio. It can infect the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis, and in severe cases, it can be life-threatening.
Poliovirus affects only humans and is highly infectious.
The virus resides in the throat and intestines of an infected individual. It enters the body via the mouth and then spreads to:
In areas with poor sanitation and personal hygiene, faeces from an infected individual can sometimes contaminate food and drink. This can spread the virus.

Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (DTP) vaccine in Muswell Hill

If you need the Diphtheria Tetanus Polio (DTP) vaccine for travel, you can book an appointment online with our travel vaccination clinic in Muswell Hill.
We provide a comprehensive range of travel vaccinations and antimalarials. It is recommended that you book your appointment 6-8 weeks prior to your travel to ensure that you can get the recommended vaccinations on time.

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